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Discussion in 'עברית (Hebrew)' started by David S, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. David S Senior Member

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    Hi everyone,

    How do you pronounce this word? I was under the impression that without a dagesh in the beth, it's an adjective (ketuvah) that means "written", and that with the dagesh in the beth, it's the noun (ketubah) for the Jewish marriage contract.

    Is that true, or can "ketuvah" also be a noun, and if so, what is a ketuvah vs. a ketubah? Likewise, can "ketubah" be an adjective?

  2. origumi Senior Member

    כְּתֻבָּה ktubba. A noun.
  3. David S Senior Member

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    It's never "ketuvah"? And what about the pronunciation of the adjective / participle?
  4. bazq Senior Member

    The feminine form of כתוב (katuv) is indeed כתובה (ktuva).
    The noun "Ktuba" has a dagesh forte. It's an Aramaic word if I'm not mistaken.
  5. Drink

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    If it were Aramaic, wouldn't it have been כתובתא (voweled: כְּתֻבְּתָא)?
  6. origumi Senior Member

    One doesn't need to go far to find the Aramaic word for כְּתֻבָּה - reading the traditional כְּתֻבָּה text, it appears indeed as כתובתא (with the usual Aramaic uncertainty whether the word is definite).

    I guess כְּתֻבָּה is pure Hebrew - pattern qetullah includes some other words of similar nature like אחוזה, ירושה, סגולה, פקודה, גאולה, חנוכה, אלומה, כהונה (all with קובוץ under ע-הפועל and דגש חזק in ל-הפועל).
  7. guybenmeir New Member

    you mistake, כתובה is a jewish document.
    the כתובה say what is the Debts of the man for the woman (in Marriage).
  8. David S Senior Member

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    I don't understand the point of your message.

    Yes most of us know that a כתובה is the Jewish marriage contract. How do you say this word? Ketuba or Ketuva?
  9. berndf Moderator

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    You got this answer in the very first reply:
    כתובה (ktuva) is a different word, albeit identically spelled, if you omit the niqqud.
  10. David S Senior Member

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    And what does this word mean? Does it have any meaning other than the feminine version of the adjective katuv (written)? Can it be a noun?
  11. anipo

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    It is the feminine form of כתוב, meaning written. It is not a noun in that form. The noun is כְּתֻבָּה ktubba, as was indicated before, a marriage contract.

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