Pronunciation of נראה


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How do you pronounce נראה

נראה אותך nere or nire?
נראה כבר nere or nire?

  • origumi

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    For several decades already "i" is sweeping toward "e" in colloquial speech of certain groups. Therefore you may hear the "e" variant although grammatically "i" is definitely required, as noted above.


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    It may also be relevant to point out that in the hif'il of this root, the "i" becomes "e": הֶרְאָה (her'a)

    Ali Smith

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    I just heard someone say

    אתה נראה לי בחור צנוע. נכון?

    He clearly pronounced it nir'e because he was using it in the present tense. He is a native speaker and on top of that he is an orator.

    However, when used in the past tense, נראה must be pronounced nir'a.


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    Good point.
    But I always think that נראה לי is used for the present.
    Whether the situation is past or not, I would still say "nire li" and I wonder if the feminine form would be "nira li"?


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    In proper Hebrew, nir'e is present, and nir'a is past. In colloquial Hebrew the present is also often pronounced nir'a.

    Regardless, the feminine is nir'et (נראית, though many misspell it נראת) in the present and nir'ata (נראתה) in the past.
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