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    Dear forum members as I have encountered an entire plethora of pronunciations' for what should be a very basic Arabic word both online and live before me, primarily in the Gulf, I would like to know the correct pronunciation of the word قسم denoting an individualized section. In order to get the message across properly do include roman letters in your transliteration and avoid the usage of numerals as they are not understood by all (I personally have had a crash course in the 2s, 3s and 5s etc but I ask this for the sake of ease).

    Secondly whilst I am most interested in the MSA pronunciation if indeed your local dialect has a variant by all means feel free to share so long as you mention the dialect it has come from.

    To those who respond a whole-hearted Shukran Jiddan.

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    I personally thought that that is the Egyptian dialectal pronunciation of the word rather than the official MSA variant. With qism/qasm/qasimah all being encountered. Nevertheless, Egyptians stick to qism which is quite helpful in this regard.
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    Provided you want the word meaning, "section, part, share etc."
    "qism" [قِسْم] is the official MSA variant.

    "qasm" [قَسْم] is the verbal noun [maSdar] of qasama [َقَسَم] meaning "to divide, to distribute, to share."
    "qisma pl. qisam/qismaat" [قِسْمة ج. قِسَم\قِسْمات] can mean "dividend, lot, luck, share."
    "qasam" [قَسَم] means an oath.عربي&type_word=0&dspl=0
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