Pronunciation of وأخيرًا

  • jmt356

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    Is the همزة in أخيرا elided? If so, it would not be pronounced.

    1. وَاجتماع is pronounced wa-jtima‘ (the كسرة under the alif is elided)
    2. الْبَيْت is pronounced “al-bayt,” but when preceded with في, both the همزة and فتحة are elided and it is pronounced “feel-bayt.”

    Is أخيرا like the examples above, such that the همزة is not pronounced when preceded by وَ?


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    This is the fundamental difference between همزة الوصل (i.e. ا) and همزة القطع (i.e. أ or إ). Don't be confused by the fact that many people arbitrarily interchange them in writing.


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    I have seen the article ال written with همزة القطع (e.g., ألبيت). I know that is wrong. I was not sure if أخيرا was also wrong. It seems it is correctly spelled with همزة القطع.