Pronunciation of "abbrechen"

James Bates

I know that the prefix "ab" is pronounced "ap", e.g. abholen, but what about in "abbrechen"? I'm guessing it would be pronounced "ab" due to influence of the following "b".
  • Hutschi

    Senior Member
    I speak it as one consonant "b" -> 'abr... (because of the influence you mentioned.)

    In the "Aussprachewörterbuch" (Duden Bd.6) they give the standard for the similar word: Abbrändler

    If you use the word "Abbrändler" as pattern:

    Abbr... is spoken as 'apbr... by the Duden standard, if "ab" is a prefix.

    I thought this is "Überbetonung" = overemphasis, exxagerated, but it isn't. Both consonants "p" and "b" are spoken separately according to the Duden standard.

    In the foreign word "Abbreviatur" the Duden-standard is one consonant "b", however: 'abr...