Pronunciation of Biblical Hebrew in academic circles

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    I´m not sure I understand your question, but as far as I know, academics as most of the Israelies pronounce Biblical Hebrew the same way they pronounce modern Hebrew. Though I don´t study Biblical Studies (and therefore my knowlegde might not be the most accurate), I can say I personally have never heard a different pronunciation of Biblical Hebrew, neither in primary school, high school, university etc., not in other circles (like the synagogue).
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    Do they pronounce ע and ח correctly?
    Today only few pronounce ע & ח correctly: maybe some old men who were born in Arab countries or their parents were born there; but the young generation doesn't do it, regardless if they are academic or not, oriental Jews or not.

    Ironically, many Israeli Arabs tend to pronounce those letters correctly because for them ע & ח are different from א & כ.
    I defined it as "ironic" because in general most of the Israeli Arabs (whose native language is the Palestinian Arab dialect) do not have a good Hebrew.


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    Do they pronounce ע and ח correctly?
    Who's "they"? What's "correctly"? Anyway, the issue of ה, ח, ע, ר in modern Hebrew must have been discussed in depth in this forum (and apparently in a similar ancient "Modern Aramaic/Canaanite" language forum on clay tables some 3000 years ago, Akkadian forum 4000 years ago). If not, it deserves to be more than a piggy-back on another issue.
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