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    Like many of you, I imagine, I am often asked by students and others how we know what Latin sounded like. Of course I know at least some of the answers, but I was wondering whether (a) there is any more up-to-date book-length treatment than W. Sidney Allen's Vox Latina; and (b) there is anything in a previous thread here that I have missed.
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    If you search "latin Phonology" in google books you will find several books.For examnple phonology&f=false

    specially chapter 6

    In Spanish i read long ago some chapters of Fonologia Latina from Mariano Bassols de Climent. It's is quite comprehensive work.

    Vt ualeas

    << The link above refers us to: A Companion to the Latin Language editado por James Clackson
    (Because of copyright laws, Google Books allows texts to be read in some countries but not others. This text is not visible in the US.)>>
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    Thanks for the link. I'm going to enjoy reading it. I'm in the US and I can see the entire work if I click on the link above and then replace es with com in the URL.
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    Nice trick. :thumbsup:

    Thank you, exgerman. :)
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    This book looks promising and seems very comprehensive on various grammatical problems as well. I was thinking about getting it but then I had a look at the price tag..... well, one could always get the kindle edition for € 95.- :(
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    Greetings from me too.

    Thanks indeed to relativamente for these useful suggestions.

    ut ualeatis omnes.
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