Pronunciation of Hebrew in general


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Pronunciation of Hebrew in general:
The Hebrew alphabet is consonantal and it is thanks to the Masoretes who added the vowel signs to scriptures that the traditional pronunciation was preserved. Now we have two written forms of Hebrew the consonantal form as it is used in Israel and the "voweled" as it is used in scriptures and other books (e.g. grammar books). My question is this: if one is not familiar with a word and its pronunciation how can he figure out how to pronounce it? The Bing Translator was developed to pronounce consonantal Hebrew Text (TTS). Are there rules on how to pronounce a group of consonants or is the pronunciation for that specific group of consonants preset and hence rules do not apply? (or is the combination of this and that consonant subject to such and such rule resulting in the such and such pronunciation?)
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    If one is not familiar with a word, it would be almost impossible to figure our the correct pronounciation without Niqqud.


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    The same way as in English. If you're not familiar with the words "gauge", "indictment", "solder", or even "steak", you're not going to be able to pronounce them correctly unless you look them up in a dictionary that gives pronunciations, or you hear someone else pronounce them.

    Same thing with Hebrew.