Pronunciation of "su" [Susan, super]

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I would like to ask the Brits out there if anyone still pronounces "-su-" (as in "Susan" or "super") with a "y" sound like in "consume".

So, do you say:

1a) /soo-per/
1B) /syoo-per/

2a) /soo-z'n/
2b) /syoo-z'n/

Thank you.

  • JordyBro

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    As an Aussie, no, never. (unless you're deliberately mispronouncing for a cute effect)

    suzi br

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    Well ..... you can never say "never" because it is too extreme and someone will come in and tell you their great aunt Mabel always uses this sound ;) Why are you asking this?

    My name is Susan and in all my life I never noticed it said with the 2b) sound in there.

    Super, yes, I have occasionally heard it said that way (1B) But usually in a vaguely comic way. Possibly upper class people use it more, but I don't mix in those circles!


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    Dear suzibr,

    I only asked because I came across the b) pronunciations on an online dictionary. I have never heard them myself in my 8 years in the UK. I thought it might have been because the pronunciation was too subtle for my non-native ear to pick up.

    Here are the phonetic transcripts I came across:
    super ˈsjuːpə(r)
    superb sjuːˈpɜːb


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    Super with the yod /j/ is more likely than Susan with the yod. Even so, it is in the minority.

    I think there is a comment about the pronunciation of Susan in Hardy's Mayor of Casterbridge (1886) which suggested at that time Susa with the yod was considered normal. I have so far been unable to track down the relevant sentence. :mad:
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