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  1. kirakuni8 Senior Member

    English - North American

    I was wondering if in European Spanish, the R sound at the beginning of words uses only a single tap of the tongue (like in the word peRo), or is it rolled (like in the word peRRo) ?

    Here are some examples:
    Gracias por el regalo.
    ¿Podría repetirlo, por favor?

    Thanking you in advance,
  2. PAUL B.T.

    PAUL B.T. Senior Member

    When the R is the first letter in a word, it sounds like the "perro" thing.E.G.- Rueda, rueca, ruleta, rollo, etc.When it goes between two other letters, it's just a single tap, like in "perico" or "parada" unless you see two R's together, in which case it's rolled, like "parrilla" or "churrasco" Hmmmm...churrasssscooooo...[Homer_Simpson_mode=ON]:D
  3. kirakuni8 Senior Member

    English - North American
    Thank you so much ! How weird would it sound if someone pronounced regalo or repetir with one tap (like in the word "pero") ?
  4. PAUL B.T.

    PAUL B.T. Senior Member

    It would sound kind of "guiri" indeed.:D
    Weird, but understandable within the necessary context, I mean.
  5. _SantiWR_ Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    You would sound like Apu from The Simpsons (European Spanish dubbing).
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  6. m5saenz Senior Member

    Michigan, U.S.
    English - U.S.
    If you aren't blessed with the natural ability to roll your Rs, saying "butter" repeatedly and quickly is great practice. Although you aren't rolling an R while doing this, your muscles are getting used to the movement needed to say words like repaso or respira with the correct articulation:)
  7. Dan2

    Dan2 Senior Member

    English (US)
    Another question for native speakers of Spanish:

    If I said (I wouldn't, but if I did... :) ) "peRo" with "R" being the (American) English "r" of "Mary", would you hear it...
    - more as "pero"?
    - more as "perro"?
    - as so wrong that it's impossible to say?

    Just curious - thanks!
  8. mirx Banned

    As perro
  9. jose-carlos Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    This is the general rule and also you pronounce "RR" after "s"-"n"-"l" - (all these 'r' sound 'RR') israelí, enredar, alrededor.
  10. Wisconsinite Senior Member

    English United States
    When I read this, I took it as an insult. I thought SantiWR was saying to kirakuni8 that she/he sounds like Apu.

    Now I see it says YOU'LL sound like Apu. Since it's the grammar forum, and this actually tripped me up at first, I wanted to mention that it should have said YOU'D.

    Since the original question was "How weird WOULD it sound," the verb tense should correspond: "You WOULD sound like you have an accent. Which would not be that weird, considering you are a non-native speaker." :)
  11. Istriano

    Istriano Senior Member

    I've also heard [r] (rr) for any syllable final R: amor, hacer, cierto
    At least one of the most famous Argentinians (Susana Giménez) speaks like that. ;)
    This pronunciation makes sense paniberically, since in many variants of Brazilin Portuguese every syllable-final r is ''strong'' (just like in the case of the word initial or double R's, or R after S [Israel] or N [enredo]).
  12. _SantiWR_ Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain

    Sorry, I've already put it right. I just made that reference because it's something you can easily check on youtube. On another matter I think it would actually be a bit weird, since that's not the usual accent of an English native speaker speaking Spanish.
  13. duvija

    duvija Senior Member

    Spanish - Uruguay
    a) the sound rr (thrilled r) is also used in emphatic speech, verb finally.
    b) when I hear a 'yankee' saying "pero" with a rhoticized r, I'd have to decide by listening to the context.

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