pronunciation: -ss- (possess and others)


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Good evening,
Do you know if there are there other words in English with two "ss" followed by a vowel, pronounced /z/ still such as in the verb "possess" and its derived forms?
Could you tell me if you know a more appropriate forum to ask such a question?
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    There are one or two others. 'Dessert' (last course of a meal) is one. I have heard 'chassis' with [z], though it usually has [s].


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    Hi gui0322

    The only other example that occurs to me at the moment is "dissolve".


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    From the entry "S, s" in the Concise Oxford Companion to the English Language, edited by Tom McArthur, at here:

    Double S
    (1) Ss is normally voiceless (pass, assess, dismiss; message, passage, possible), but it is sometimes voiced in medial position (brassiere, dessert, dissolve, hussar, scissors, possess), and optionally in hussy
    (The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary shows pronunciation variants with /s/ for brassiere and hussar as well.)
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