pronunciation: What do I..? (Flap T)

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Hello everyone,

Is it possible in American English in everyday conversation to pronounce "what do I...?" with a Flap T in the example I made below?

What do I have? >> What I have?

I think the "do" is omitted in everyday fast pronunciation and the T in what is a Flap T that combines with I.

Am I correct?
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  • Cenzontle

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    I don't think the "do" is often omitted entirely.
    Because of the rounded vowel of "do", there will almost always be at least a [w] sound, the rounded glide, or even the syllabic .
    I do think, however, that the "t" of "What" and the "d" of "do" will merge in a single flap in ordinary fast speech.


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    What did I have? What'd I have? Whah die av? That's possible.
    What do I have? --- Wha die have? No. Something like: Wha do why av?


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    As #2 says, the T and D combine as one sound: it is D, which in fast speech may be an alveolar flap (a "flap T"). Final T is silent or almost-silent except when a vowel follows: then it starts that new syllable ("I got a book"--> eye-gah-tah-buk).

    But I can't imagine dropping the O sound in "do". That would delete a whole syllable.

    But I think there are dialects of AE that ask "What I have?" instead of "What do I have?". Perhaps you have heard that.
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