pronunciation: yacht

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    BE or AE it is the same. "Yawt", the ch in yacht is silent.
    "Yacht" has a short vowel in BE, like the vowel in "hot", as Rover said. The combination "aw" is a long sound in BE, however.

    In many forms of BE, "yacht" and "hot" are pronounced with rounded lips. I don't think this is the case in AE (AE speakers will correct me if necessary).


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    It seems 'yacht' can be pronounced either /jɑ:t/ (rhyming with 'heart') or /jɒt/ (rhyming with 'hot').

    WR dictionary:
    yacht /jɑ:t / || /jɒt/


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    English, AE
    "Yacht" rhymes with "hot" to me, as Rover says.

    Does your transcription "yawt" also imply that "yacht" rhymes with "hot", pops?
    Absolutely. I have never heard (at least in this country) aw pronounced as a long a. Ex: Aw, shucks! or awe as in awe-some, or aw as in shawl.
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