Pronunciaton: 档期

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I have a question about the word 档期 (which I believe means "movie theatre schedule"). Google Chrome's "Zhongwen Popup dictionary" says the pronunciation of the first character is dang4 with the comment dang3 being the Taiwanese pronunciation.
However, I was watching a TV show today from Mainland China and heard someone say 档期dang3qi1.

Is dang3qi1 a common pronunciation in Mainland China as well? Which pronunciation is more common, would you say? (is it a difference between 北方 and 南方?)

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    According to Baidu, a search engine here, Dang(4) Qi (1) is the right way to go.

    I personally say "Dang 4 Qi 1".


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    The tone evolution in Chinese language is pretty sophisticated. Not even in Taiwan but also in mainland China, there are many words that should be pronounced in falling tone according to dictionary but popularly practiced in falling-rising tone instead.
    混乱: hùnluàn,hǔnluàn
    质量: zhìliàng, zhǐliàng
    教室: jiàoshì, jiàoshǐ
    You can pronounce these words in falling-rising tone which sounds more localized(?).


    As a chinese, 档期dang3qi1 is more comfortable than 档期dang4qi1 when i pronounce, and most of us pronounce like 档期dang3qi1.
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