"-proof" as in "squirrel-proof," "child-proof"

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  1. akana Senior Member

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    Is there a corollary in Finnish for "-proof?" A "child-proof cap," for example, makes prescription medication inaccessible to children. A "squirrel-proof feeder" will feed the birds, but squirrels can't partake (in theory). How would you express this in Finnish?

  2. DrWatson

    DrWatson Senior Member

    There is no single way to translate adjectives with -proof. For example, waterproof is vedenpitävä or vesitiivis but soundproof is äänieristetty and bulletproof is luodinkestävä. I think -kestävä is often used, but in my opinion it can only be used with non-animate things like bombs (pomminkestävä), shock (iskunkestävä) or ovens (uuninkestävä). For example a childproof lock is simply lapsilukko. A squirrelproof bird feeder could be translated as oravilta suojattu lintulauta, for instance.
  3. sakvaka

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    -turvallinen is also used to talk about children, although it might be due to English influence.

    Lapsiturvallinen koti, portti, ylijännitesuoja, lääkepakkaus, korkki...

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