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Hi Guys,

I'm also applying as an immigrant in Canada and was searching for a Proof of English proficiency format, which I found here.

I really need your advice, suggestions, and corrections for my letter.

BTW nice site very informative.

Appreciate all your help.

I respectfully present the following justification of my English proficiency.

From elementary school onwards, English was the medium of instruction in our core subjects, namely reading, writing, mathematics and science.

I studied at University of Lucknow, an accredited Engineering school, and I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering. The official language of communication was English. All symposia, colloquia, seminars and similar discussion groups were always conducted in English.
I passed all English subjects with above-average grades.

During my Bachelor Degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering, I enrolled with YWCA, New Delhi to participate in Advanced English Conversation Short Term Course. I had also enrolled for a Diploma course in Computer Programming, where the language of instruction was also English. After the review, I passed the Registered Diploma Course with Grade ‘A’, exam was also conducted in English.

After completing my Bachelors Degree, I was employed with one of the top cellular operators of India, Bharti Mobiles Limited. As a Network Planning Engineer, I was responsible for the cellular network planning, organizing and optimization of whole cellular network in Bangalore, India. I was required to communicate in English with employees, higher management as well as our customers i.e. executives of large companies to discuss daily network issues and optimization procedures. Working with Bharti Mobiles for more than one and half a year has exposed me to communicating skills and lot of technical trainings as well. In all of these instances, English was the medium of communication.

After working for around 2 years with Bharti, my intense interest in System Testing flew me to US and I worked onsite with Kyocera Wireless, San Diego as Software Engineer. I had worked with their mobile handset business group. I was mainly responsible for test development, system testing and protocol testing for various mobile handsets. My excellent communication skills and advancement in English were an added advantage for me to cope with this change in the work culture and work environment.
While working in US, I got a fabulous opportunity to work onsite with my dream company Texas Instruments, San Diego. This company is world famous for their user-friendly work environment and advancement in technologies. So, without even giving a second thought, I started working onsite with this client as Sr. Software Engineer, mainly responsible for wireless chipset tests development. I was required to communicate with employees ranging from the rank and file to the executive team of large companies for various features development and testing on physical layer. English was the only medium of communication to make the team’s assigned task possible before the scheduled deadline.

Presently, I am working as Senior System Test Engineer, full time employee with Motorola, San Diego.; I have been employed with Motorola close to two years now. Being as Senior System Test Engineer, I am mainly responsible for feature tests development, FIT & protocol testing for various upcoming mobile phones.. Once again, all of these test development documents, Training material and group discussions are in English. Our clients are located both within the country and abroad. English, both written and oral, is the only medium of communication during interactions with our clients.

I am also being sent offsite couple of times for providing technical trainings to other groups in our US facilities. Of course, English is the only medium of communication used during interactions with our colleague and clients at other facilities.
As a professional, interacting with a range of employees in various countries, I consider myself to have a high level of proficiency in both spoken and written English.

Both my technical skills and English language proficiency helped me to perform both effectively and efficiently and serve this country to the fullest.

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    Your letter demonstrates your proficiency. A little proof reading might help you find one or two errors. Forum rules prohibit us from polishing the letter for you, as that would help misrepresent your English skills, which are already very good.
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