Bonjour a tous, quelqu'un m'aiderait a traduire "Propédeutique" en anglais.

Je l'ai trsduit en "First year courses" selon sa definition.

Merci d'avance
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    De quel pays parle-t-on (kiswahili me fait penser à un système inspiré du système belge, où ces cours d'introduction et de rafraichissement des connaissances durent quelques semaines) et dans quel pays anglophone le texte sera-t-il lu ?

    Peut-être est-ce first year of undergraduate studies, ou refreshing course.


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    First year of undergraduate studies is fine. I don't think the higher education systems of North America and the UK break undergraduate studies out in the same way as in France, so this is a description, not an equivalent suggestion for the certificate that « propé » represented back in the times when that (now defunct) course of studies existed.

    "Refreshing course" (did you mean "refresher", OLN?) would not really work here. That suggests to me a course a professional takes to get updated on his special field.

    PS: The term propédeutique is also used in Swiss and French-speaking Belgian universities as well as by the Catholic Church, but in each case with a different meaning. See here. It will be important to know the specific context of the term before trying to find an equivalent description in English of the intended French meaning.
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