propensity cosmology


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Reymond Popper in his book Quantum Theory and the Schism in Physics says that

Usually, we become conscious of our research programme only when it dawns on us that it may be based on a false metaphysics. To realize that we are working within a certain metaphysical research programme is, essentially, to realize that alternatives are possible; and this very realization means that we give up our metaphysical research programme as the heuristics, and consider alternatives as possibly more fruitful.

In those rare cases in which the metaphysical research programme does become conscious (or is even deliberately invented, as in the case of the propensity cosmology) it should be recommended only with a warning that we ought to be highly critical of it and look out for possible alternatives.

Could you please tell me what it is meant by 'propensity cosmology'? and also what is the meaning of 'conscious' in the second paragraph? thank you.
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    'Conscious' here is just that the practitioners become conscious of the metaphysics of their research program, as in the previous paragraph. Now 'propensity cosmology' is new to me, and I thought I knew a bit about cosmology. Apparently it was invented by Karl Popper (late in life), and he believed that 'the world is not a causal machine—it can now be seen as a world of propensities, as an unfolding process of realizing possibilities and of unfolding new possibilities.' And apparently no-one else has really taken up the idea.
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