proper response to "bonne journée"

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What is the proper response to "je vous souhaite une bonne journée/fin de journée" please? I imagine you don't need to reply to it when it's said impersonally by a supermarket checkout person but I feel I ought to say something in return to the baker I see every morning/afternoon and talk with a bit. At the moment, I just mumble an English-sounding "et pour vous aussi", which must be wrong.
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    "Pareillement" is used a lot, but i never say it, as i find this word just ugly (sorry):D

    I usually say :
    "Merci. A vous aussi." or "Merci. Bonne journée."

    Although a bit longer, i think both parts are "necessary". One to thank the person for wishing you a good day, the other to wish this person a good day as well. :p

    However, "Merci" or "A vous aussi" or "Bonne journée" would work fine too !
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