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Are there words like cowork or co-work??I couldn't find them in any dictionary. Thanks.
  • Are you thinking of a coworker? A coworker is someone who works with you. The word can't be used as a verb.
    Could you explain what you are trying to say with this co-work? Perhaps you could give us a sentence or two as well. This will help us think of possible synonyms.

    As you have noticed, co-work is not a familiar word, though it may be used in some special contexts. Unless you explain we won't know what meaning you are looking for.
    Thanks for the reply.

    My initial question was whether cowork or co-work can be used as a verb or not. Instead of work together, can I use the word "cowork" or "co-work"?
    The correct word in this case would be 'coworker' and NOT 'cowork.' There's no such English verb as cowork, so you'd have to use work together instead. Usually we refer to a coworker as a peer that we work(ed) with on a regular or daily basis. But we'd probably say, We worked together to decorate the stage for the performance ... if it was only a one-time occasion, or if it was with your boss. (You wouldn't dare refer to him/her as your coworker! :eek:
    I haven't heard "co-work" as a verb either.

    I wonder whether you could use collaborate even though it doesn't have the exact meaning "to work as co-workers." We say people collaborate when they work together on a specific task. (See meaning #1, where you will also find synonyms.)