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What does "property level" mean in the following list? It's taken from a hotel management brochure. Thank you.

Provides feedback on company-wide initiatives
Coaching and mentoring outside / above property level
Participation in regional projects
  • Keith Bradford

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    In conjunction with "company-wide... regional..." it seems to suggest a geographical location; and since you tell us this is a hotel management brochure, I suppose that that is a hotel. So:

    Coaching and mentoring in other hotels and in regional management centres OR
    Coaching and mentoring on topics outside your hotel and at a higher management level.​

    In any event, it's an extremely vague phrase!


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    "Property" means one individual hotel. Hotel chains are usually organized into regions. In a large chain, there may be several levels of organization: at the top, South America (where the chain may have a few hundred hotels or properties); within that, Brazil (where it may have 20-30 hotels); within that, Rio de Janeiro (where it may have three or four hotels). Those regional groupings are "above property level." Here, this phrase means that coaching and mentoring can be done at any of those higher levels.
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