Propose to a girl to be my girlfriend!


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Hi !
Well this is the second time I’m posting here! I really had great great help on the first one...(thank you all) so I’m hoping I can get some good help again! :)
Well...the main subject.........
I want to Propose the girl I love to “official “ be my girlfriend! I want to surprise her…and ask it in Romanian!
I already know some complements....I just need to know how to ask her
Do you want to be my girlfriend? (I also accept suggestions...I mean different ways to say it):)
Thanks once again!
  • ancuta

    I would say “Vrei să fi prietena mea?”. Maybe a Romanian living in Romania can come up with more up-to-date stuff. The way I see it, Romanians don’t have the “dating” concept, at least not in the way it is practiced in the States. Usually after going out with a guy 2-3 times, it’s understood she’s his girlfriend. If she were to go out with somebody else also, it would be regarded as cheating. At least, that’s how it was when I was “dating”.