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    Buenas tardes a todos/todas:

    There is no phrase to be translated and therefore no context.

    I would like to know what the correct Spanish translation is for Peace Order for interpreting in court.

    I understand that a Protective Order is used for domestic relationships and what is most commonly used is "orden de alejamiento".
    However, Peace Order applies to other persons (non-domestic). Would "orden de paz" be used in Spain or any Spanish speaking country? No acaba de convencerme esta traducción.

    And it seems that Restraining Order has been translated as Orden de Prohibición by some foreros. I have also heard "interdicto".
    Does anyone use anything different? Gracias por adelantado.
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    Peace and Protective Orders are civil orders issued by a judge that order one person to refrain fromcommitting certain acts against others. The relationship between the Respondent (person alleged to have committed the prohibited act) and the Petitioner (person seeking protection) determines the Petition to be filed. Protective Orders generally apply to people in domestic relationships. Peace Orders apply to other persons. You cannot qualify for both. (

    Habiendo precisado la similitud de cada una, yo diría que se refieren a la orden para abstenerse de realizar una conducta determinada. Por otra parte, estimo que restraining order en efecto, se refiere a la orden de prohibición a los cónyuges para que salvaguarden su integridad física, así como el patrimonio de su unión,

    Esta página lo explica claramente.


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    ¡Muy interesante!
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    Thank you for your response.
    I had in fact been to the page of the link you provided before posting and had also read several Forum links regarding the three terms (although the person asking about Peace Order never got a response from anyone).

    There seem to be different translations used for these terms, but their use and how I will interpret them is clear to me now.


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    Peace Order.

    Te dejo la siguiente información. He escuchado el término "Orden de Paz" y busqué con que respaldarlo pero es recomendable que esperes la opinión de un experto en el tema.


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    Hola Farula:
    I see that you are located in Maryland. The State Courts of Maryland adhere to the policies of the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) as do several other states. The term that AOC uses is "orden de restriccion" or "orden de alejamiento".

    Peace order would be "orden de paz"

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