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What is "protesista dental" in English? A person who after studing 3 years of "Protesis Dental" (Denture) becomes specialist in dental work. I don´t know what to put in English.
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    En mi opinión depende del contexto: por "protesista dental" puede entenderse tanto una persona que ha estudiado unos años para aprender a fabricar los elementos que constituyen una prótesis dental (técnico superior en prótesis dental, mecánico dental o protésico), esta titulación corresponde al nivel de educación secundaria en la mayoría de los paises y su equivalente en inglés es "dental technician", pero no "denturist".
    La otra posibilidad es que "protesista dental" haga referencia a un dentista (formación universitaria superior) que se ha especializado en prótesis dental tras obtener su licenciatura (protesista o prostodoncista) su equivalente en inglés es "prosthodontist".
    Las funciones de uno y otro son muy distintas por lo que el contexto será determinante.


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    In dentistry in the United States we have:

    Denturists: This profession only exists in some states. They specialize in fabricating dentures, and if I understand correctly, they're licensed to do the entire process, from taking the patient's impressions to adjusting the denture. So, in this sense they overlap a little with dentists. Typically laboratory technicians can't actually work on the patient, place things in his/her mouth, etc.

    Dental laboratory technicians: I'm not sure how much education is required to hold this profession, but I don't think it's anywhere near the 3 years mentioned in your post. These people fabricate all manner of dental appliances, crowns, dentures, etc.

    Prosthodontists: These are people who have attended 4 years of dental school and an additional 3 years of specialty school. They specialize in difficult dental work wherein the patient requires a prosthesis of some kind, either a denture or permanent ceramic restorations. These people are highly respected specialists in the dental community with a total of 7 years of training.

    Part of the problem in translating this phrase is that the exact nature of these professions varies from country to country. Are you speaking about a licensed dentist who specializes in prosthetic dentistry, or a laboratory technician who only fabricates the prostheses for the dentist?