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These protocols are produced by the NY&AWC MM team hosted by HaRD CCG for use by their employed MM team members. They can be adopted for use by other healthcare staff working in GP practices across NY&AWC CCGs but HaRD CCG accepts no responsibility for the use and application of these protocols in these situations. External staff working to these protocols must agree with their own employer whether they are competent and able to work to these protocols.

What does "protocol" mean in the given context?
  • Hermione Golightly

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    It's a set form of 'rules' or guidelines about how to do anything, in this case GPs prescribing generic medicines, judging from a quick glance.
    We can talk about the protocol for taking a specific medicine, meaning the advice, guidelines, or 'rules' for taking it. For instance don't eat anything for 4 hours before and two hours after taking the drug, or increase/decrease by 1 microgram per kilo of actual body weight, once a week.

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    Don't think too hard about it, Jignesh77. As PA_System says, it's basically any set of rules or instructions which, in their entirety, can be described as a protocol, especially in an official context, as shown in the WR dictionary.
    Protocol (...) 6. (Medicine) the plan for carrying out a scientific study or a patient's treatment regimen.
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