prototypical Trump supporter


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The quotation comes from

Quotation: “He could have spoken more eloquently,” she said. “Hillary knew exactly how to taunt him, and he fell for the bait. He gave as much as he got, but I wish his words were stronger.”

Ms. Manie was not the prototypical Trump supporter. Born in Trinidad, she immigrated to the United States more than two decades ago, at 21. She is a social worker and a committed Christian, and she said that she was praying for Mr. Trump to win.
Hi everyone! What does "prototypical " mean here? I think it derives from "prototype". But the words both new to me. :confused:
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    From our WR Dictionary@

    prototype: someone or something that serves to illustrate the typical qualities of a class; model;

    So someone who's a prototypical Trump supporter is someone who typifies Trump supporters.

    In short, she was not what you'd think of as a typical Trump supporter.
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