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Hi all,

At Madonna di Campiglio, apparently, as part of the Ski World Cup, they have a “prova fra i pali stretti” which a colleague says that they think is a way of saying that it’s not a giant slalom, that the poles are closer. The text also refers to “slalom speciale”, which I suspect may be the same – I do find “special slalom” online, but I’m rather suspicious of it: Wikipedia only has articles on 'super-G'(iant slalom), 'giant slalom' and 'slalom'.

What I reckon is that in English, both these phrases are translated only by 'slalom', which according to Wikipedia again has:
poles … spaced more closely than those in giant slalom, super giant slalom and downhill.
Can anyone enlighten me?


Edit: Duh. I could have answered my own question about slalom speciale on Wikipedia in Italian.
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    Take a look sci_alpino.jpg