Provide / inform your phone number

hi, I'm working in for an company who made software for mobiles phones.
We ask to the user to insert his phone number, but some of them made mistake and just copy the following example. My boss wrote this message delivery failure notice, but I'm not agree with him.

"The informed number match as an example; Please inform your phone number."

"The following phone number is our example, please provide your phone number."

What can we say ?? Thanks
  • conor71

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    Ireland , English
    you are correct that neither phrases make sense in english:

    I think this would work:

    "The number you have input is our example, please provide your own phone number."

    Matching Mole

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    England, English
    This is an incorrect use of to inform. A person is informed (given information) not the information. We use "of" in regard to the information:

    "Please inform me of your telephone number."

    Information is 'provided' though, so your suggestion is fine.
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