provide students with a lot of <scaffolding>

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Understanding cannot be judged, then, by evaluating the learner’s retention of data or information; rather, assessment tasks would need to have the student apply data or information appropriately. This might not be popular in departments that pro- vide students with a lot of scaffolding because their summative assessment tasks only involve near transfer, not far transfer. Where far transfer and evaluation are the hallmarks of understanding, assessment tasks will not be low-inference, right or wrong tasks, but high- inference ones, judged by more than one person with a good working knowledge of agreed grade indicators.
the source is " The Lecturer's toolkit" by Phil Race
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    I will start by saying that the writer has not expressed his ideas in the easiest to understand manner. This is an educator writing to other educators.

    "Scaffolding" is apparently an education term meaning in general a "support system"


    [...]Instructional scaffolding is the provision of sufficient support to promote learning when concepts and skills are being first introduced to students.[...]
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