provide the toxic punch for ... venom

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The expression "provide the toxic punch for ... venom" appears to have two opposite meanings:
(1) It means "provide the toxic power for venom" or "provide building blocks for venom."
(2) It means "provide antidotes for venom" or "have the ability to break down venom."

I guess (1) is correct. But I am not very sure.

Biologists are just beginning to delve into the functions of those molecules, called microproteins, micropeptides, or miniproteins.<................>Early findings suggest microproteins bolster the immune system, control destruction of faulty RNA molecules, protect bacteria from heat and cold, dictate when plants flower, and provide the toxic punch for many types of venom. "There's probably going to be small [proteins] involved in all biological processes. We just haven't looked for them before," says biochemist Alan Saghatelian of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego, California.

Source: Science
New universe of miniproteins is upending cell biology and genetics
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