provided a cloak of protection against


The use of "cloak" here appears apparently neutral.

But my first impression is that it is a bit negative or sarcastic.

I wonder whether the word cloak is usually a bit negative or sarcastic in English.

Thanks in advance

The allegations at the UN point to the same being true in the structure of patriarchal organisations, where gender power dynamics are also at play. There is something particularly egregious about a field that is supposed to be based on principles of equity, human rights, and justice that has provided a cloak of protection against sexual harassment and abuse. Instead of being leaders in these areas, some of the principal perpetrators are from the global health community.

-The Lancet

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    It looks neutral to me, New America. "Cloak of protection" is just a way to say that all of these things "cover" people with a protective layer that prevents them from suffering sexual harassment and abuse.
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