proving highly AB effective

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  1. The nonviolent protest advocated by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., proving highly AB
    effective in an age of expanding television news coverage

    This is a grammar question
    What is the mistake using "proving" ? What should we use instead of proving ?
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    I assume that your example is supposed to be a complete sentence (you didn't put a period at the end of it, so it's difficult to tell). If it is, then what is the main verb of the sentence?


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    Glenfarcias has suggested a good way to approach the question.
    Is this supposed to be a complete sentence?
    If it is, the nonviolent protest is the subject. What is the verb, telling us what the protest does?

    If it isn't a complete sentence, please give the rest of the sentence.

    I have a question myself: What does AB mean? "Highly AB effective" doesn't make sense to me.

    Added: And a second question: Where did you see this, justenough?
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