pry something open/pry open something

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    OK, johndot, perhaps we'd better see where we disagree....:D

    Both forms seem fine to me; the "open" in "pry open" is an adverb, so there is a choice of two positions for it when the object of the verb is a noun:
    Pry the door open:tick:
    Pry open the door:tick:
    Pry it open:tick:
    Pry open it.:cross:

    That's what my "Yes!" meant. Now ... what did your "No!" mean?


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    How about “prise”?

    Edit: I take it all back Loob! Pry as transitive is new to me.
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    I don't know if "pry open the door" is actually wrong, but "pry the door open" sounds much better to me.


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    Thank you Bobbum. I don't think prise and door go together. I wouldn't use pry in place of prise, either.
    I don't see why you wouldn't prise open a door. If it is stuck there may be no other way of opening it. I wouldn't pry it open because I'm neither American nor from East Anglia.