przeslka zostala wyslana w dniu 05.01.2008


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A few days ago I ordered T-shirts from an on-line Polish shop. Today I received a message:

01/05/2009 Dispatched przeslka zostala wyslana w dniu 05.01.2008

I cannot understand Polish, so I would like to know what "przeslka zostala wyslana w dniu" means.

Thank you in advance :)
  • ogqozo

    Well, it means: The package was sent at 5th January 2008.

    Any T-shirt shop you recommend? I can't seem to find any good in Poland.


    The thing that is currious about this is that the message is partly in English parly in Polish.
    "Dispached" in English and rest in Polish.
    When you translate it seems little strange
    "Dispached parcel was dispached on 05 January" :(


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    I think, that the system is in English and the comment is in Polish
    <date> <action> <comment>
    <date> - 05/01/2009
    <action> - dispatched
    <comment> - przeslka zostala wyslana w dniu 05.01.2008

    That's why it's part in English and part in Polish with a date mistake :)

    It's similar to saying: I'm going to lake Loch Ness
    when loch means lake already