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Can anyone help please?

Please forgive me if there are mistakes - I used an online translator -

I asked my boyfriend if I should pick him up by car saying the following:
Zbiorę cię w samochodzie?

And he replied "przyjde"
It's translated back 2 ways, first says
I will come (to you)
and the second says

So I'm unsure if he's expecting me to turn up or he is making his own way here!
Any opinions on the matter?
  • BezierCurve

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    Good evening,

    "Przyjdę" means "I'll come [on foot]".

    As for the first online translation: "I'll pick you up by car" = "Zabiorę cię samochodem", but what you meant was still easy to understand.

    EDIT: Just make sure he didn't write "przyjade", as that would mean "I'll come by car/bus/etc.".

    Cynthia F

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    Dziękuję BezierCurve

    No he definitely text "przyjdę"

    And thank you for your correction about picking him up by car.