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In the below link, Robin Hoffman is talking about the function of music in films. I don't clearly understand what he means by Pseudo authenticity. Also, I don't understand the meaning of the underlined sentence (I underlined it). Can someone please help me on this? Thanks.

12. What is the function of film music?

"Social/Cultural/Geographic references:

Music can work very well to make clear the heritage of a character/group of characters or the geographic setting of the movie or a scene. Often so called pseudo authenticity is used that uses music that feels like a certain location to western ears as opposed to actual music that can be heard at that location (which differs quite heavily sometimes). If for example Irish sounding music can be heard during a certain scene etc. we can easily spot where it’s taking place without the need of visually establishing the location too much."
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    Pseudo authentic music sounds as if it comes from somewhere specific, but it may be quite different from the music that is actually played or heard in that place, (which would be authentic music).

    'Irish sounding music' is often very different from real/authentic Irish music.
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