psicólogo forense / forensic psychologist

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    podrian ayudarme a traducir lo siguiente:

    "a forensic psychologist is frequently appointed by the court to assess a defendant's competency to stand trial"

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    Psicólogo forense
  3. TheScientist New Member

    Well, I would not like to take credit from your translation but that's pretty obvious. In fact, what I wanted to know is the translation of the hole phrase in brackets. Thanx anyway...
  4. Idiomático Senior Member

    Virginia, USA
    Latin American Spanish
    A menudo el tribunal nombra un psicólogo forense para determinar si el acusado es competente para ser procesado (o para evaluar la competencia del acusado para ser procesado).
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    Estimado TheScientist
    He mudado tu hilo al Foro Médico, porque se trata de terminología especializada.

    He cambiado el título (de "psychologia" a "psicólogo"). Por favor, antes de abrir nuevo hilo, repasa este que explica Títulos en este Foro.

    Repasa, también, las Reglas del Foro, incluyendo la Regla #22
    Por ejemplo, frases deben empezarse con letras mayiúsculas, y terminar con puntuación apropriada. También importan en español los tildes (acentos escritos).

    Acerca de "brackets", ignoro la terminología italiana, pero en inglés estos son "quotation marks" o en forma acortada, "quotes".

    Writing this in English, as in your second post, rather than just ask essentially "Translate this for me", it is always appreciated if the forero makes some attempt on his own (perhaps utilizing the WordReference Dictionary for the bulk of the words). It is not required, but is appreciated.

    Lastly, please in future try to clarify your question in your first post. Put yourself in the place of the other foreros reading your post, and don't assume that your intent is obvious.

    Thanks for a good quesiton. If you now check the Dictionary under the terms, psychologist, forensic, psicólogo o forense, you will this your thread list, along with others that are related to the term.

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