psicofísico (enrolling in school)

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This is a question for an English speaking person (non natives are welcome to try).

In my country, one of the requirements for enrollment in a school (elementary, high school, others) is presenting a certificate that say you are fit to learn. They are very easy to get.

The thing is, I don't know if this is a requirement in other countries, and particularly in English speaking countries. And I wouldn't know how it's called either (or how to research this for that matter.)

Here it's called an "examen de aptitud psicofísica" or "certificado psicofísico" or just "psicofísico".

The closest thing I've found is "medical fitness evaluation", but it seems to be associated with the military rather than for entering a school.

Any chance you can help me with this?

Examples (provided for visual aid, translation of the whole thing not needed):

- "Es necesario aprobar las Normas de Aptitud Psicofísica para el ingreso y la permanencia de alumnos en las carreras de formación"

- "Certifico que el/la alumno/a es apto/a psíquica y físicamente para cursar como alumno"

Thanks in advance. Any help appreciated.
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    Such an exam is common in kindergarten, and in my state is given to 4-year-olds, to see if they are developmentally ready for school. It might be called a developmental readiness exam or a school readiness exam.

    I have never heard of any such exam being given (much less required) for secondary school or for university. However, an entrance exam is generally required for university programs, and is often required for exclusive secondary school programs.


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    That's very interesting. Yeah, I didn't mean entrance exam, which we also have in colleges and such. I suppose the school readiness thing is the closest it's gonna get. Thank you for your answer.
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