psychedelic and freak-out

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Below is from the book Metallica, and I would like to know the difference between psychedelic and freak-out.
The why these songs are psychedelic? Because they had smoked weed, or the songs themselves were already so?

HARALD OIMOEN (friend): The partying was endless. Cliff would call me looking for weed, or mushrooms for the jams he’d do with his friends. They’d play these twenty-minute, psychedelic, freak-out songs, which is how I came in. I also had a car and would give Lars and James rides to Ruthie’s, or the Stone. God, we’d get wasted. It’s a miracle I ever got them back to the house—the “Metallica Mansion” as we called it. People who’d never been thought it was some big, fancy kind of place, but it was just a beat up, little house. I’ll never forget the white Flying V bong on the mantelpiece. It was funny because James was very anti-drug. He drank like crazy, but apparently smoked weed one time and freaked out.

Thank you in advance.
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    Hello. "Psychedelic music" is music that enhances the hallucinatory experience when you are taking drugs like certain mushrooms or LSD. Those drugs are called "psychedelics". If a song is a "freak out" song, it is wild and exhilarating.
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