psychological fallout

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I was first introduced to the concept of risk in writing in
graduate school. The memoirist Michael Datcher was giving a
seminar where he discussed the psychological fallout from a
book. He said that everything you write, if it is authentic, will
have fallout, and then he asked us, ‘‘What are you willing to
risk to tell your stories?’’ And he implied that if we played it
safe, hedged our bets, we were doing a disservice to our art.

Writing Begins with the Breath by Laraine Herring

I found 'fallout' is defined as 'whatever comes as an incidental consequence' here.
But I'm not sure if it fits in this context.
Please help. Thank you.
  • PaulQ

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    The definition is not a particularly good one. "Fallout" does mean "whatever comes as an incidental consequence" but fallout is usually disadvantageous, unwanted, damaging.
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