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As a voice from communist China now accessibly resident in the US, his fiction is able to move between both Chinese and western literary cultures with unusual assurance and ease. His appeal does not stem exclusively from the fact that he writes in English, although being able to address readers directly, without the potentially flawed mediation of a translation, is undoubtedly a help. After living and writing in the west for much of the past two decades - gaining, in the process, a PhD in English from Brandeis - he also inevitably has a better technical grasp of what anglophone readers expect from a work of literary fiction than most of his peers still writing in China: in particular, a command of character, situation and psychological plausibility that is lacking in many contemporary mainland narratives.
What is the meaning of 'psychological plausibility' in the underlined part?
I think that putting-together of the three elements is key for a successful work of literature. I want to get an illustration from anyone with book-reading passion to help me with catching the point of 'psychological plausibility'.
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    It is an odd phrase, and noone would really know what it meant.

    However, it basically means "the author is better at English than his counterparts in China".
    thanks for your reply, but you did not answer my question. What I asked about was the meaning of 'psychological plausibility'?


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    I think it means that the author's writing skills join his familiarity with both Asian and Western culture so that his plots and characters act the way people expect them to. Psychologically (the way the characters think and interact) is plausible (believable) to the reader.


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    I agree with NunT. He's saying that the author is able to create characters who act in a way that is believable to the western reader. Presumably the implication is that many contemporary Chinese authors create characters who either act in an implausible way or act in a way that is only plausible to the mind of an Oriental reader.
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