public company limited by shares


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Hello fellow wordreference users!

I would like your help with this phrase: public company limited by shares.

It is the title of a legal document in Singapore in the Companies Act (Cap 50), I think it is about the constitution of a company, so I don't have much more information about it.

My try: Sociedad Anónima limitada por Acciones

  • Joe Esquire

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    These are defined terms in the Companies Act. A literal translation of a defined term is generally not self-explanatory.

    A “public company” is specifically defined as a company (i) not owned by another company, and (ii) having more than 20 shareholders.
    “Limited by Shares” means that the liability of its shareholders is limited to the capital contributed. It is named as such to distinguish it from a “Company Limited by Guarantee”; a different form of company.

    A literal translation would be “Compañía Pública Limitada por Acciones”, however, the underlying meaning would not be obvious. It you wish to translate for meaning: “ Sociedad anónima con más de 20 personas naturales como accionistas.”