1. GoldBug

    GoldBug Senior Member

    Great Lakes area - USA
    American English
    As a kid, we used to say "Pucha" a lot (Peru/Bolivia). It means (or it meant) something like "Holy Cow!" or "Damm". Whenever something happened in an extreme way. Like if you put your finger on a hot oven, you would exclaim "Pucha" (Damm), or "Pucha, hombre !" (slightly more emphatic than "Damm")

    Anyone familiar with this word and is it used in all Spanish speaking countries?
  2. araceli Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentine, Spanish
  3. Cyngold New Member

    Spanish - Argentina
    This term has definitely been used in Argentina (and it is still used) with the exact meaning you've described. (Unfortunately a less "tame" word that sounds very similar has taken its place with the younger crowd.)

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