PUCK (not a hockey puck, or even resembling one)

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    I'm having a hard time finding the right translation for "puck," a component for a sort of iPad display and security system.
    However, this "puck" doesn't look anything like a hockey puck, its not even round... and its purpose isn't entirely clear to me, it essentially seems to be a swiveling/removable mount for the iPad. I wasn't able to include a link here, so if you want to picture what i'm talking about... try going to mobile tech inc.com and search their website for the Freedom LP4. The puck in the picture is the small component in between the iPad and the "riser"... it looks like a little white box directly behind the iPad with a little red light. The iPad is essentially mounted onto the "puck", which attaches to the "riser" which then connects to the "mounting plate". and there is my other issue... theres another component that already took the name "mounting plate" which more or less seems to be what the puck actually is, only a smaller scale. PLEASE HELP!

    Thank you!
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