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Her eyes fell on the names of the cute boys in ’Round Here, written in the pudgy cursive she and Emma affected (‘ Writing looks more romantic that way,’ Emma had decreed), and all at once they looked stupid and babyish and all wrong.

Source: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

In this scene, Abra had opened her algebra book to do her homework and her eyes fell on the names of the boys in the ' Round Here.

I understand affect to mean to have impact on ( his friendship impacted my choice of career), but I am failing to understand the meaning in this context.

Did Abby and her friend affect what? Your help with rephrasing this sentence will be appreciated.

Thank you
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    Affected is not just the past tense of the verb to affect. It is also an adjective in its own right. Look it up as a full word, not just affect, and see if that helps. If it doesn't, please ask again.


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    I think that in this case affected is the past tense of affect, in the sense of 'pretend.'

    to assume pretentiously or for effect:[~ + object]
    He affected an English accent.
    They write this way because they think it is cute, as Emma explains. When I was younger, high school girls wrote like that because they thought it was more feminine or girlish than the standard cursive. (They also dotted their 'i's' with tiny circles.)


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    She and Emma had chosen to adopt this particular way of writing. I would say that the meaning is closer to this definition, rather than the "pretentious" one (it's a very small difference though):

    "to use, wear, or adopt by choice:[~ + object] to affect outrageous clothes."
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