puesto á bordo de su capitana

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  1. David Gardiner Senior Member

    English Canada
    Here is part of a really long sentence from the 16th century

    “puesto á bordo de su capitana "

    So far I translated to this

    “position that I embroider of its flagship”

    The part I having trouble with the word “bordo”

    I suspect it should mean to raise a flag

    Could someone please help. Thank you
  2. Railway Senior Member

    Hi David

    A bordo means on board, to be on a boat.
  3. Chaucer Senior Member

    US inglés/español
    One time in a thousand is it possible to translate a sentence one isolated word at a time successfully without having taken into consideration word groups or the relation between words. Might you be translating something more whole than this?

    Without the whole sentence it could mean:

    a position/post on board his/her/its flagship
    placed/put on board his/her/its flagship
    Small shop on board his/her/its flagship

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