puesto en romper por las dificultades

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    Hi everyone, I'm translating "La espanola englesa" by Cervantes and I found this sentence that I don't understand. It's about a boy who suffers because he thinks his parents won't approve the girl he has decided to marry, so he hasn't told her about his feelings yet. But this situation made him fell sick, so at the end he decides he has to tell her the truth. And it says: "En fin, puesto en romper por las dificultades que él se imaginaba, un dìa que entrò Isabela a servirle, viendola sola, con desmayada voz y lengua turbada le dijo" and he tells her everything. My attempt: "In the end, forced by the difficulties he imagined, one day that she came in...". I'm utterly confused by this sentence! Please help me! Thank you!
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    I guess this is an old use, "romper por". I understand it as "In the end, determined to break through the impediments he imagined..."
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    Muchas gracias!^^
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    Te agradezco a tì también!^^

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