pull a move (by someone else ?)

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  • archijacq

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    french France
    peut-être avec le sens de "playing dirty"
    "quand il fait un [sale] coup à la Victor".

    Billy: This is jack. It's all jack. I mean, you got to love when he pulls a victor move.

    Abby: So, we need to get jack to admit what he's done, even though victoria is just as much to blame.

    Billy: Hold on, we're not 100% sure that victoria is involved.

    Abby: Except we are.

    Billy: Okay, how do we prove that ashley was set up, and how do we burn victor to the ground?


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    English - USA
    Jack pulls a Victor move = Jack fait le genre de chose que Victor fait d'habitude. Il imite son style, en quelque sorte.
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