"Pull a Switch"

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Hello all. There's a line in Singin' in the Rain Screenplay:

Hey, boss, you can't pull a switch like this on the our department.

note: The studio's boss said something about one of the actors to the newspapers, which he shouldn't have. One of the guys from the publicity department is sad, because he and his fellow workers wasn't ready for those things that the boss said. He reads a newspaper to his boss and then says the line above.
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    Are you asking for the meaning of "pull a switch?" To "pull" something is to do it, generally with the connotation that there's something a little sneaky or underhanded about what you're "pulling." (If my child tries to give me a lame excuse for not doing her homework, I might say, "Don't pull that stuff on me!")

    "Switch" here just means "change" - I didn't recall the specific scene, so I went off to look up the screenplay; this is when the story is leaked that Lena is going to star in the musical, when it had been decided that the credits would read that the other girl was singing for her. That's the "switch"; the film was going to make it clear that Lena wasn't singing, but now it was all over the news that she would, so the studio was stuck with it.

    Edit: And Miss Julie beat me to it. Twice. That's what I get for looking it up. :D
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