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Caould you please let me know what "pull off an upset win " means ?
Thanks in advance

27 Aug 2009 ... MARK McMillan last night insisted Glasgow will be looking to pull off an upset win over his old Wasps mates at Firhill tomorrow. ...
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    "To pull off" means to accomplish something unlikely.

    "I pulled off an A on the exam despite not studying."
    "We pulled off a win despite playing poor defense."

    An "upset" is when a team wins despite being expected to lose.
    "The last-place team upset the first-place team."

    In your sentence, Glasgow is not expected to win, so he is looking to "pull off an upset."


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    ...o que conseguirán ganar, ya que está escrito en futuro...
    "buscarán ganar contra pronóstico" o, como se suele decir "buscarán dar la sorpresa"